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The safety of children is the most important factor in any playground project, and approved safety surfacing is a required element of all commercial playgrounds. It is important to us that we offer only the safest, most reliable and compliant options for YOUR kids.

Surfacing Selections

Wood Chips

Engineered Wood Fiber

Our Engineered Wood Fiber is a great choice for playground safety and quality. Produced in the United States from the first American manufacturer of Engineered Wood Safety Surfacing, Wood Fiber offers excellent fall protection and was the first to meet accessibility standards and certification through IPEMA. With a quality control program in place, it goes through continuous testing to ensure it is up to date with the newest industry standards. With production facilities throughout the country, we are able to offer a budget and environment friendly option with simple installation and the natural beauty of non-treated American hardwoods.

Rubber Mulch

Rubber Mulch

The safety of your children factors into all we do, and every product we provide - from the top of the highest climber to the safety surfacing covering your playground. That's why our rubber mulch is made from 100% recycled rubber. At 99.9% steel free, it has been rated the safest on the market for playgrounds and you can be assured that it will not decompose, rot, or absorb water. It is IPEMA Certified and ADA Compliant, providing exceptional playground surfacing. Not only does it offer superior safety ratings for fall height and a clean color-fast composition, it will protect the environment they are growing up in.

Poured In Place Rubber

Poured In Place Rubber

For a truly impressive safety surfacing consider Poured-In-Place rubber. This ADA compliant surfacing has specifications that exceed industry standards and is both beautiful and functional. It is a maintenance-free product and is installed by experienced, certified installers using 70% recycled material. Poured-In-Place rubber provides exceptional fall protection and the porous surface promises a dry surface for your children to play. Available in a variety of colors and endless design options, this is a surface that can be customized to make any playground unique and aesthetically appealing.

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